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How much money have you already burned in searching for true innovation? Is your company ready for the future? How long will your company or product be profitable? How do you want to be innovative while running a business? What will your company be doing in 5, 10 or 50 years? Will it still exist then? Which innovation is going to wipe out your business? Is it just a trend or do we miss a huge opportunity? Do you recognise yourself in the questions? Later Labs will help you answer them.

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Venture Studio

Later Labs is a Venture Studio focused on advising companies and rights holders in professional sports, inventing game-changing innovations and building investment-ready products, brands and companies for the sports industry.


Creating Solutions

Advising startups & companies in Sports Business.


Prototyping Innovations

Building game-changing Sportstech innovations.


Growing Ventures

Investing in own innovations and startups from early stage to Series A.

Zero to one

Driven by the Invention of the Future

Progress doesn't happen on its own - someone has to make it happen. Most things are simply copying or repeating something that has already been done (1 to n). It takes genius and courage to invent a new, transformative technology that creates abundance and prosperity (0 to 1).

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